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Phoenix Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons, David P. Griffith, DMD

Surgical exposures are most commonly performed as part of orthodontic treatment.  Dr. Griffith will work closely with your Orthodontist to develop the best treatment plan for you.  The surgical procedure involves lifting the portion of the gum that is covering the impacted tooth exposing it to the oral cavity.  Since the baby teeth frequently remain in place during orthodontic treatment until you are ready for the exposure procedure, the baby teeth may need to be extracted as well.  If the exposed tooth is not too poorly aligned, then this may be the full extent of the surgery.  In most cases, however, a bracket will need to be bonded to the impacted tooth in order to facilitate its proper alignment.  This step involves bonding a bracket with a small chain attached to the impacted tooth.  The chain is then temporarily attached to the arch wire of your braces and will be more securely attached by your Orthodontist.  This chain will be used with your braces to achieve proper alignment of all your adult teeth.


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